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The Value of Loose Leaf Tea

For the loose leaf tea novice the question is always asked, “Why loose leaf tea? Isn’t L****n just as good - and ‘cheaper’?” First, ‘shhhhhh!’ ... We dare not evoke conventional brand names. It sends a cold chill in my otherwise warm, spiritually filled kitchen.

Secondly, premium loose leaf tea in comparison to processed pre-packaged tea is measuring apples to oranges. Both fruits and round but a very different experience. When you visit your local café you might be offended if they served you instant coffee. A person who appreciates a fine glass wine, may not be pleased with the boxed variety. There’s a freshness, quality, and expectation to be served the best.

Yes, generally bulk tea will cost a bit more but it’s worth breaking it down and putting into perspective. The general serving amount of loose leaf tea per 8-10 ounce cup is about a tablespoon. One bag of Orisa Tii Cheri Rose will offer approximately 30 servings. That’s $0.63/cup! And here’s what you get...

Freshness: Pre-packaged teas are generally on store shelves for over a year before finally being sold. Orisa Tii is blended fresh within 1-2 months of purchase. We cut, dry, and hand blend many of our herbs and spices in house.

Quality: Pre-packaged teas are often very processed. In fact, in the industry we refer to it as ‘tea dust’. The leftovers after all the better leaves have been collected. Often they are blended with other fillers and left unrecognizable to what it is. With Orisa Tii, you see the beauty of the leaves and can visually identify everything that’s in the blend.

Flavor: ‘Insta-tea’ as I call it, struggles to release good flavor and instantly colors your cup like ink in water (not always a good thing). Loose leaf tea slowly steeps to reveal a stronger authentic flavor. Because they are whole leaves, less tea is need for a good cup.

Benefits: With whole ingredients you’re getting the full and intended beneficial properties. Whole turmeric root vs powder, whole chamomile buds vs flower specs, etc.

Lastly, loose leaf tea saves on packaging. Your reusable infuser can last a lifetime.

Certainly that is all worthy of the investment and being nice to yourself.

You deserve the best!


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