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In Yoruba tradition, the divinities and energies that are expressed and manifested in nature are the Orisa’s. They represent the power and virtue universal in nature. They are the knowledge bearers and gifters of Tii (tea). This power and wisdom is passed down through our ancestors and through the memories of my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother...and so on. Their ancestral healing knowledge, care, and love gave life to the alchemic creativity and handcrafted blends of Orisa Tii. They are my goddesses.

This evolution of passion, curiosity, and wellness-seeking began 15 years ago. A realization that all we need to heal and thrive has already been given to us. Orisa Tii’s unique blends and infusions use plants, spices, and herbs common to the African diaspora and other parts of the world. Many of our ingredients have therapeutic properties but the intent is always finding your personal sacred moment, joy, and pleasure in each cup of Orisa Tii. Enjoy.


With love,


About Orisa

“Tea is Liquid Wisdom. Just Add Water”

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